Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Black and White Wednesday: Get to Know Your Groovy Age Bullpen

What it is, Groove-ophiles! For today's post, Ol' Groove has culled a handful of Bullpen biographies from various issues of FOOM Magazine. Prepare to get yerself ejumikated 'bout luminaries like Gil Kane, John Romita Sr., Steves Englehart and Gerber, Jim Steranko, and more!
From FOOM Magazine #3
From FOOM Magazine #4
From FOOM Magazine #5
From FOOM Magazine #6
From FOOM Magazine #22


  1. Gosh, do I miss having those old Foom magazines to thumb through. I wish I could pick them up again for a song.

  2. My local comic shop is selling back issues of F.O.O.M. for $25 a piece...Crazy ! Oh wait, Crazy was another Marvel Mag.

  3. FOOM was awesome, and I ordered mine in that fantastic year of 1973... Ah, Avengers-Defender clash, Gwen and the Goblin going away (or so we thought..), it was awesome to be a Marvel Zombie, I was so sucked in to the Marvel Universe. I just bought a great copy of that Steranko FOOM poster, having sold my original for $70 a few months ago.., it had seen better days..

    Anyways, I loved every Bullpen Bio they did.. it was just awesome how Lee and Thomas really pushed these names and faces at you. It changed comics as we knew 'em forever.. Reading the 'Untold Story' book now, so it's interesting to juxtapose the promotion jargon with what was really happenin' behind the scenes.

    My first FOOM issue was ish 3, but I had to buy the first two off eBay last year, certainly didn't pay as much as $25 apiece for 'em.



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