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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Spidey and Doc Ock

What it is, Groove-ophiles! By now ya've gotta know what's going on in the right now with Peter Parker/Otto Octavius, so Ol' Groove thought today would be a good day to look back at the way they were (cue the Barbara Streisand music) during the Groovy Age via these far-out John Romita and Gil Kane covers...


  1. Those newspaper-themed covers (56 and 113) were two of my favorites. It might be interesting to do a post sometime on covers that made use of newspaper copy and "headlines" to help sell the books--it's really a clever device. (Wonder if the copy on #56 says? Anybody got a magnifier? :) )

  2. The cover to 131 may just sum up the groovy age in a single image.

  3. These are all gems to me! Anything Romita SR & or Gil Kane Spidey was AMAZING!! Groovester, can we see the Kraven vs Spidey covers. Or the covers of Amazing from #100- #124? Keep on Groov'in!

  4. ASM #89 was the first Spidey comic I ever bought. The summer of 1969 was when I started reading superhero comics. You're done it again Groove: made me nostalgic ("sniff").

  5. Too bad they didn't squeeze Ock on the front or back cover of Superman vs Spider-Man. That was significant part of comic history and Spidey and Ock were together in it.

  6. As a little kid, I almost never bought Spider-man, but I owned 113; I probably bought it because of the cover (which I think "read" so visually odd to me). But who did that cover to 158? That looks more like Andru inked by . . . Milgrom?

  7. Gotta love that Doc Ock marrying Aunt May cover.



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