Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day! "--In Love and War!" by Drake, Saaf, and Colletta

Happy Valentine's Day, Groove-ophiles! To celebrate the day, we're gonna take a look at one'a those "mushy" Supergirl stories from the 70s. You know, the kind that has her kissing a guy on the cover--like this one by Bob Oksner from Supergirl #6 (June 1973)...

Well, okay, exactly like that one, 'cause we're gonna be sharing the lead feature, "--In Love and War" by Arnold Drake, Art Saaf, and Vinnie Colletta! It's Romeo and Juliet in the 70s with capes! It's West Side Story without the music but with heat-vision (nice trade)! But it ain't Romeo + Juliet--no way!

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