Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Black and White Wednesday: Can't Get Enough John Buscema Conan

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Here are a few pages of gorgeous-o John Buscema art for ya! Naturally, the pages feature Big John doing what he did best--drawing Conan! From The Art of John Buscema Vol. 1 (1978) published by Sal Quartuccio. Crom! This is the good stuff!!


  1. "Good stuff" is an understatement. These are absolutely exquisite. And I can relate to the "can't get enough" sentiment; I have the first two Dark Horse Savage Sword phonebooks and have been slowly reading through them since before Christmas, just to savor the (mainly) Buscema art.

  2. Looking at that never gets old.


  3. As every one knows Conan & anything non superhero. Was John's favorite things to draw, Love to see his Doc Savage, Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, Ms.Marvel & Nova the Human Rocket showcased here too. CCCRRROOMMM!!!

  4. Buscema is the gold standard of Conan artists. I never pass by a chance to read one of the issues he has done. I am one who believes he saved Spider-Man when he took over as artist on Amazing back in the 70s.

  5. Seems Frazetta's b&w Conan illustrations may have influenced John to venture a bit away from the Marvel 'house style' of inking, but not much. Great drawing, but I'd love to have seen John go even further with his inks. Some of his work in the Vanguard-published JOHN BUSCEMA SKETCHBOOK indicate that he had so much untapped vitality---I wish a savvy editor or art director had really encouraged him to 'cut loose' as some of the very best work was on the BACK of his comics pages (where he just doodled warmup drawings).

    Chris A.

  6. Love me some Buscema Conan! Big John was THE man when it came to drawing Conan!

    - Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.



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