Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Boys from Derby: "Swamp!" by Steve Morisi and PAM

Here's a creepy-cool shocker from Steve and Pete Morisi from The Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves #46 (April 1974). Dare you enter..."The Swamp!"


  1. So that's what happened to Waylon Jennings. Crazy.

  2. The dummy's arm moved and his gun fired. That's kind of cheating given the surprise ending.

    So how is Stee related to PAM?

  3. 1. ^^Kudos on the Waylon Jennings riff!
    2. So let me get this straight: he shoots/kills bossman, and somehow gets him to stay standing straight up, with arm extended? Does rigor mortis set in that quickly? It must, since the pursuing guards arrived "seconds later"! The sad thing is, the ridiculousness of the ventriloquism ("gee Bossman, how come your lips ain't moving when you talk?") is the most realistic part of this fakakta ending!
    3. I loved it. There is such an innocent charm to these dumb old stories. I have many fond memories of my friend and I buying "Chamber of Chills"-type comics just for the enjoyment of making fun of some of the bad stories. But we read them over and over. I wish we had read "Swamp" back in our day!

  4. I love Pete Morisi's work. Such clean lines. His storytelling was never dynamic, but it did the job, using basic layouts and stock character poses. One of the sad things is that he wanted to draw The Phantom comic book and wasn't given the chance, possibly due to deadline needs. At least he was able to draw a page for a portfolio. It can be seen here:


    I'd love to see the full length Thunderbolt story he drew for DC that was never published. Based on the couple of pages published it looks like it would have been great.

    1. See "Peter Cannon Thunderbolt" #1 by Dynamite Entertainment (September 2012). The second story is the previously unpublished DC origin.



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