Friday, November 29, 2013

Black (and White) Friday: "Speed" by Gene Day

Welcome, shoppers! Here's a (Harlan Ellison inspired?) treat by the late, great Gene Day from Star*Reach's Imagine #2 (cover dated June 1978). Do you feel the need for..."Speed"?


  1. Always nice to see some of Day's rarer, harder-to-find work. Thanks for this, Groove.

  2. I'll echo Edo's comment. Great to see Gene Day's work. Just a great, innovating artist. First saw his stuff in Epic magazine and was highly impressed.

  3. this just makes me sad as to what might have been...what a crazy detailed artist. I first saw his work as an inker for George Perez, Jerry Bingham, and then Mike Zeck. Then once he took over MOKF...just incredible!



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