Friday, November 15, 2013

Making a Splash: Thanksgiving 1969

Dig these sensational splashes from November, 1969, Groove-ophiles! Li'l First Grade Groove actually bought a few of these off the spinner rack (and of course I still have 'em!): Avengers, Cap, DD,and FF! Stan, Roy, Jack, Gene, Neal, both Johns, that new guy, Barry, and the rest of the gang were tugging me every so surely toward becoming a life-long Marvel Maniac! Forget the turkey, bring on da comics!


  1. The Tell-Tale Hearts?? Great stuff, Groovy One.

  2. AAhhh great memories of my start if being a Marvel Zombie. Beside's Marvel's great, more realistic characters & stories.The artists & writers made me a Marvel junkie! John Romita SR, the Buscemas, Jim Mooney, Herb Trimpe's Hulk! And of course Marie Severin, Neal Adams & Kirby! Sad time also the X-Men were about to be cancelled & Kirby left Marvel! Sal Buscema & Marie Severin never got the recognition for the important role. They both also played at Marvel. Marie's cover designs & Sal the go to guy. Who drew like every book Marvel had through out the 70's to mid 80's! If Sal had, had more inkers like Joe Sinnott, Tom Palmer & Klaus Janson on a regular bases. His work would be remembered much more fondly. His inking & early full pencils on Sub-Mariner,the Avengers,Thor, Nova, What If, etc. Really show how great he was.

  3. What's with the Sub-Mariner splash? The indicia reads "Day of the Defenders".

    1. This particular scan came from the 2001 reprint mag: .

  4. It's things like this that have me think "Why, oh why didn't I start reading comics a year before I actually did?"




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