Friday, November 8, 2013

Grooviest Covers of All Time: Farewell, Nick Cardy

Greetings, Groove-ophiles. As you've no doubt already heard, the brilliant Nick Cardy passed away this past Sunday. 'Tis quite a blow to those of us here in Groove City, since Nick was THE DC cover artist for much of he Groovy Age. Nick knew everything there is to know about putting together a comicbook cover that could grab your attention, hold it, and tell you a whole story--usually with only one image. You've seen Cardy covers all week long, I'm sure, and you've seen plenty of them here on the Diversions (and will continue to do so for a long, long time), but I hope you'll indulge me in share some of my faves. Some I've posted before, some are everyone's favorites, but they're here, today, 'cause they're my absolute favorite Nick Cardy covers. Thank you, Nick for...

...and for so many hours of enjoyment!


  1. I actually owned a couple of those books at different points in my time. Witching Hour was acquired 2nd-hand from a friend, as I recall. Cardy will be missed.

  2. And unfortunately another great bites the dust.

    That Stop, you can't beat the law such a fantastic cover, one of the few Nick Cardy covers I had not seen.

    Shane G.

  3. RIP Mr Cardy. Another master has passed on.

    - Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.

  4. Oh Groovy one! Many thanks for this tribute to the great Nick Cardy! His covers were certainly a big part of the DC landscape during the Groovy Age,not to mention his interior art. I seem to recall he took over Teen Titans in the early 70s and did the original run of Bat Lash among many others. So, continuing my recently established tradition of signing off I say...GROOVE ON!

  5. Nick had done so many beautiful covers. It's impossible to have a favorite one. I loved his Teen Titans & Superman/Action the most. My favorite was probably Superman #276 Superman vs Capt, Thunder. Marvel. He was the John Romita SR of DC Comics. Another comic legend leaves us,

  6. Curious, can you find an explanation for DC also having a Quicksilver and a Wasp? They were shown on the cover of Flash no. 214.

  7. Groove, I've got a couple of these and I've seen a couple others, but most of this is new to me, and I say, wow. That Flash cover is amazing. A nice tribute to Nick Cardy, and thanks for showing it. M.P.

  8. His inks on the super-hero stuff remind me a lot of Murphy Anderson, but I especially love his work on the short-lived BAT LASH title. He did many fine movie posters as well.

    Chris A.

  9. This past week I've been seeing a lot of these Cardy covers for the first time in decades, and some of them are exceptional. The biggest surprise has been the Aquaman covers: they're positively psychedelic.
    That Detective cover above rivals Adams at his best, and the Stop … cover is a real treat since I've never seen it before.

  10. RIP - He did so many classic covers - brilliant illustration...

  11. wow! didn't know that about Cardy. I always loved his work. As a kid I would get him mixed
    up w/ Nick Adams and get Adams mixed w/ Aparo. Of course as I got older I could see the difference.
    - Jez

  12. Great artist and nice guy to boot. I met him at a con in 2013 and he signed a copy of Aquaman #37 for me. He referred to that cover as "one of my all-time favorite covers."




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