Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast 2013! "Panic in the Night!" by Wein and Aparo and "Divided They Fall!" by Mantlo, Broderick, and Gil

Welcome back to more Thanksgiving Feast 2013, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove sure hopes you're enjoying your day--and these special posts, too, natch! Here's our main course double feature: one stars The Phantom Stranger by Len Wein and Jim Aparo, the other spotlights The Micronauts by Bill Mantlo, Pat Broderick, and Armando Gil!

From Phantom Stranger #23 (November 1972) prepare to face..."Panic in the Night!"

And from The Micronauts #19 (April 1980), trek along with the Micronauts in "Divided They Fall!"

 Wanna know what happens next? Click here!

See ya in six hours for the grand finale, Groove-ophiles! Pax!!


  1. Great main course, and appetizers, too, for that matter. Love the classic Wein & Aparo Phantom Stranger in particular.
    Since I'm quite a few time zones ahead of you, Groove, I don't know if I'll still be up to see the finale this evening, so I'll just convey my big thank yous right now, and also wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Micronauts! Yes! Thanks for sharing that.

  3. I hope you'll post more Micronauts in the future—I haven't seen these since they came out, but likely read them so many times I recall the panels exactly when I see them. Those toys I had as a kid are what got me interested in comics in the first place.

  4. The Phantom Stranger must have been pretty confident about wind strength and direction when it came to that flaming airship - Paris is a good 200-250 kilometres from the nearest coastline (assuming the air currents were blowing in that direction in the first place).



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