Friday, November 21, 2014

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Neal Adams Covers Superman's Amazing New Adventures

Back in late 1970 (beginning with issue #233), DC gave Superman a bit of a revamp by getting rid of kryptonite, downsizing the Man of Steel's powers, and moving him from behind the news desk at the Daily Planet to put him in front of the camera at WGBS. They also hired Neal Adams (sometimes inked by Dick Giordano) to draw a ton of covers during that era. Check 'em out, Groove-ophiles!


  1. This was the top period of Superman. It went on for 12, 13 issues and then they suddenly forgot it all.

    1. True. Those covers made me late out my quarter to buy Supes for the first time in my 11 years on the planet. The stories captivated me, which was unusual for DC as compared to Marvel. Truly, the only other DC I can remember buying as a kid was Brave and Bold 100, which I think also had an Adams cover, and some JSA-JLA cross-overs.

  2. Neal's DC covers were all great in the late '60s - early '70s, as were his interior stories. He did far more than super-hero work for DC, as stories of the Zorro-like character El Diablo in WEIRD WESTERN TALES will attest, and stories for HOUSE OF MYSTERY like "The Game" and "Nightmare" (already featured on this blog), and more. Add to that his super-hero covers and stories for both DC >and< Marvel, and his string of short stories for Warren (CREEPY and EERIE), and you have a stellar career at its peak!

    Chris A.

    P.S. I'm not a fan of some of his more tasteless work for NATIONAL LAMPOON or the pornographic BIG APPLE COMIX #1 from that era, but that is due to subject matter, not drawing talent.



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