Friday, November 14, 2014

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Savage Sword of Conan, Part 1

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Today we're gonna plant our peepers on Ol' Groove's fave Savage Sword of Conan cover from the first two years of that title's existence. That way, today, we can swoon over art by guys like Boris Vallejo, Neal Adams, Earl Norem, Frank Brunner, Alex Nino, Mike Kaluta, and more!

And wait'll ya see the covers Ol' Groove has in store for round two!


  1. When these came out. I'd see them along with Creepy, Eerie etc. The little old lady who worked there certain days. Wouldn't sell them to me. So I'd go there when this teenager & much cooler Wally Clever like guy was working. He'd sell me these B & W mags no problem! LOL Until a few years later I found a mag store a lot closer & they sold all Marvel's B & Ws too! The guy was super cool. He'd let me go get his lunch/dinner in exchange for a mag, comic or two. These had some of the most beautiful covers!

  2. I always preferred this period of Boris art to the later, more photograph-dependent stuff.

    And it's too bad the Nino cover was diluted by other hands to conform to the Marvel template. The very same year (1975) saw the publication of the Fantasy Worlds of Alex Nino, a portfolio of the mind-bending color work he was capable of conjuring up.

  3. Nice! My favorites are Norem for the overall scenes and colors, and Boris for his individual figures.

  4. Great stuff Groove! These are some of the best works by the masters of comics paintings!

    - Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.

  5. While I wasn't a Conan fan. I loved to buy the Marvel Black and White Magazines. I remember Planet of the Apes, The first Black and White Hulk ones before they went to a full fledged color magazine, Lots of good memories. My first memories.... of reading them was when George Perez was on White Tiger and the Sons of Tiger comics in the B & W Kung Fu Marvels. There were B & W Howard the Duck....another one called Strange Adventures...

    My grandmother tried to get me Tales of Zombie #1 and I turned it down because it wasn't a super hero mag. My grandmother always encouraged my comic book buying because she wanted me to read. If I did purchase Tales of Zombie's worth $100 today.



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