Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Black and White Wednesday: "Only Losers Win!" by Margopoulos and Chaykin

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Sci-fi race car driving by Rich Margopoulos and Howard Chaykin! "Only Losers Win!" comes from Creepy #64 (July 1974)--and it'll make your pulse race! Vrrrooom!!


  1. Damn, but that's a fine-looking story. I'm one of those guys who always prefers color, but I have to admit, Chaykin's art looks spectacular in black and white.

  2. Thank you,Mr Groove,for sharing!
    Varooommm! indeed!
    /Mr Anonymous

  3. All in all I though it was just 'OK'. 8 pages for this story seems way too long. maybe 4 at most. I think pushing the entire key revelation to the last panel of the last page was also a mistake. There should have been a little more build up. The art is also not Chaykin's best and doesn't show many of his signature stylings.

  4. Chaykin's art was always his best friend and worst enemy. I remember getting frustrated when reading American Flagg b/c the art would occasionally confuse me. It seems like many modern-day drafters have mimicked the confusing style e.g., Peter Panzerfaust or Justice Inc. I mean the art should be clear such that you know which character is which...

    That being said, I always remember being thrilled by his cover to Scorpion #1 for the mid-70s Atlas brand. Chaykin's Scorpion and Kaluta's Shadow covers were a nice departure from superheroes.



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