Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ol' Groove's Request Line: "Who Is Capricorn?!" by Haney, Dillin, and Cockrum

Dig, it, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove has dipped into the bag-o-requests from Ol' Groove's Request Line and pulled out a winner, courtesy artist (and Dave Cockrum fan) par excellence Jim Sanders, III! Among many other cool requests, Jimbo asked for "Who Is Capricorn?!" from World's Finest Comics #218 (April 1973)--and here it is! It's a tale only Bob Haney could tell, and the art is dyn-o-mite: Dick Dillin inked by Dave Cockrum! Oh, if only they'd gotten to team up for an ish of JLA or fifteen! Ah well, we do have this beauty (topped off by a Nick Cardy cover!)! Enjoy!


  1. Speaking of requests: Wold you happen to have any of the science-fiction themed "Blackhawk" stories from the 1970s? I somehow missed these back in the day and only recently became aware of them after seeing a picture of one of the covers from that era (wish I could remember the issue number is question). If you could find and share one of these it would be great. Thanks.

  2. I liked Dick Dillin's art during his run on the Justice League. I didn't notice till many years later that Dave Cockrum was the same one that drew the X-Men! These were straight forward done in one stories that were still my favorite growing up in the 70's. I wish that there were more stories like this one being posted. The Superman/Batman team ups were a mixed bag. They only worked when you had and depending on the this case good ol' Zany Bob Haney...good spin a good yarn. Some were dreadful others were good. I do like the Superman/Batman team ups of the fifties and wish there was more continuity and story editors back then.

  3. Dillon inked by Cockrum. I didn't know such a thing existed. I'll have to get this issue as I'm a huge Cockrum fan. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for featuring this! WF was the first DC comic I ever bought in the summer of 1973 (the cover dates would usually match the month they were available here in England). I loved the art, the story, the somewhat sad conclusion and the backup Metamorpho strip. The beginning of that summer I was regularly buying the weekly British Marvel reprint comics, but starting with this issue, DC comics would become my favourites for the next 1 year or so.



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