Friday, December 5, 2014

Making a Splash: Gene Colan and Tom Palmer's Daredevil

For the largest part of the Groovy Age, Gene (The Dean) Colan was considered the definitive Daredevil artist. Tom Palmer was considered by many (especially fans of Tomb of Dracula) to be Colan's definitive inker. They collaborated several times in the pages of DD's mag, and Young Groove thrilled to every dot of Ben-day and blog of shadow! DD (and at the time, his lady The Black Widow) flipped, leaped, and swang acrobatically across the New York, and later San Francisco, skylines with a flair few other art teams ever captured. This is why they call it comicbook art, baby!


  1. Definitive Daredevil artist? Yes, but that goes without saying really - seems to me that Gene Colan became the definitive artist for pretty much every character he worked on regularly. Dracula, Dr Strange, Howard the Duck....
    A most excellent post - and not very long after putting up those Tomb of Dracula splashes either, so thanks a lot.


    1. Every cloud has a grey lining... These beautiful examples of Colan's help explain why I was crushed when Marvel switched to Don Heck on DD. The change in styles was too much. Just like when DC switched from Kaluta to Robbins on the Shadow. My heart still weeps...



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