Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Decent Comics: "Injustice Strikes Twice!" by Levitz, Staton, and Layton

Welcome back, Groove-ophiles! Time for another ish of DC's All Star Comics revival (issue 66, February 1977), and this one is a bit different from what has gone before! With "Injustice Strikes Twice!" not only does the JSA get an amazing new art team in Joe Staton and Bob Layton, but the Justice Society of America reclaims full billing of ASC! On top of that, Paul Levitz is now totally in control of the future of the JSA, planting seeds for future storylines (dig that cameo of a certain Gotham commissioner NOT named Gordon) and just really coming into his own as a writer. And it don't hoit none that we get to see the JSA take on a new incarnation of the InJustice Society! Are ya ready? Here we go!
Cover art by Rich Buckler and Jack Abel


  1. Wow! This was my introduction to the Justice Society and Earth 2. Thanks for posting.

  2. Man the real E-2, 40 years later DC it ruined all

    Hey, im Glad the blog its still on! Have a nice day

    Man the real E-2



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