Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Black and White Wednesday: "The Amazing Spider-Man vs. the Phantom Burglar!" by Lee and Romita

More Smilin' Stan this week, Groove-ophiles? Why not! We all know (we do, don't we?) that the Amazing Spider-Man has been web-slinging his way through newspapers via the funny pages for almost forty years. But, did'ja know that Stan Lee and John Romita put together a presentation consisting of twelve days worth of Spidey strips way back in the late 60s--that was rejected by the syndicates? True! The proof can be found in two 1970 issues of Marvel's short-lived fanzine, Marvelmania issues 3 and 4! See? Read it right here, right now..."The Amazing Spider-Man vs. the Phantom Burgler!"

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