Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Birthday Roy Thomas!

Today is Roy Thomas' birthday, baby! The Rascally One, as you might have figured out by reading The Diversions, is probably Ol' Groove's all-time fave comicbook writer. Yeah, Stan is the Man, but when yers trooley got into comics, Mr. Lee was winding down his career as writer/eic of Marvel. T'was Roy and his comics (as both writer and editor) that made a Marvel Maniac outta moi! Here are the covers to just a few of the very best of Roy's prodigious Groovy Age output. All of these mags really, really turned me on (and still do!) Mr. Thomas, thank you for the wonder you brought me and thousands more just like me!

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  1. You and me both Groove. While I have come to appreciate and trust fine writers like Kurt Busiek and Grant Morrison, my heart will always belong to Roy "The Boy" Thomas. His stories are the ones which fired my young imagination and made me a Marvelite. I've never understood the devotion to Stan back then (I see it now) as it always Roy who wrote the comics I adored, just enough lore to make it flavorful and brimming with superheroes. I think he sort of lost his a way a bit at DC when he was at long last able to play with the toys of his youth, and he created some exciting and wonderful stuff there, but eventually it all became about continuity (not all his fault) and the stories felt like trivia contests. But I quibble, Roy is the greatest!

    Happy Birthday!

    Rip Off



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