Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Feast 2016: "Mission: Dead End!" by Goodwin and Glanzman

Welcome to our annual Thanksgiving Feast, Groove-ophiles! As usual, Ol' Groove'll be putting on his chef's hat to serve up four courses of comicbook delicacies every six hours (right now at 12:02 am, 6:02 am, 12:02 pm, and 6:02 pm)! Our appetizer is by request from Groove-ophile Barbara D., who's been visiting the Diversions for years. Barbara asked for more war comics, mentioning that GI Combat was her fave war mag, so how 'bout Archie Goodwin's debut as Haunted Tank scripter (from GI Combat #159, January 1973)? "Mission: Dead End!" is graced by the gutsy, powerful art of Sam Glanzman, so Ol' Groove's sure you're gonna dig it!
Cover art by Joe Kubert

See ya in six hours at 6:02 am, baby!

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