Thursday, January 4, 2018

And Now for Something Completely Different: Badraven Reviews Jaws

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! I hope y'all will indulge Ol' Groove today as I give a better-late-than-never birthday present to my brother-in-law Steve Miller (not the rocker/joker) who turned 50 last Saturday. Steve is one of Ol' Groove's best buddies in the world, we share a love of movies (especially 80s, super-heroes, and Star Wars) and a bond as if we were blood brothers (especially when you get us together for a Monolopy game--which you really don't wanna do). Steve is also celebrating another milestone, the first year anniversary of his Badraven channel on YouTube, on which he reviews tons of movies, old and new, from the theater, from dvd, Blu-ray, vhs, beta, laserdisc, you name it. His passion for movies is very similar to yers trooly's passion for comics, and it really comes through on this review he did of Jaws (see, I did tie this post into the Groovy Age). I hope you dig it enough to visit Badraven's YouTube channel and tell him "way to go" and that Ol' Groove sent ya.

And yeah, Ol' Groove has a HUGE honkin' comicbook post for you tomorrow! See ya then!

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