Friday, January 19, 2018

Making a Splash: Joe Staton's Super, Boy!

Happy birthday, Joe Staton! One of Groove City's absolute favorite artists is celebrating today, and we wanna help celebrate in our own small but far-out way! As most of you know, Joe's snazzy art has graced the pages of tons of comics from most every publisher. He's especially revered for his co-creations E-Man, Mike Mauser, and the Huntress, as well as his art on comics featuring the Avengers, the Hulk, the Justice Society, Green Lantern, Legion of Super-Heroes, and so many more (right up to the Dick Tracy strip and E-Man revival--in Charlton Arrow-- going on right now)! Did ya know that Joe drew several Superboy solo-stories during the Groovy Age? No jive! Joe drew several issues of the Superboy strip in Adventure Comics (in 1977/78 between the Aquaman and Dollar Comics eras, issues 456-458), and stayed on when the Boy of Steel moved to the front of Superman Family (issues 191-194 and 196 in 1978/79). Would you like to see the smashing splashes from those super stories? Well, then, here ya go!

Thanks, Joe!


  1. Loved Joe's work!! His E-Man, JSA, GL, Huntress, Charlton's Ghost Hunters? title. And his inks on Sal Buscema on the Hulk & Avengers! His inks on Herb Trimpe's Hulk too.I just wish he had been on Herb's Hulk immediately after John Severin & Sal Buscema weren't inking Herb any more.Happy Birthday Mr.Staton!

  2. Thanks for cluing me in on something else I missed during the period I wasn't collecting comics ('77 - '86). Pure Staton was so much better than Staton/Abel.

  3. While Bob Layton understandably is considered the primo inker for Joe Staton's pencils, I'm really of the opinion that the best inker for Staton was Staton himself.

  4. Happy Birthday Joe! E-Man is my favorite hero and Joe Staton is among my very favorite artists. From the enthusiastic Charlton stuff, to the sleek DC stuff, to the totally proficient Dick Tracy stuff, he's among the best pros in the game.

    Rip Off

  5. I do check out Joe's work every Sunday in Dick Tracy!. ( For some reason I have a free subscription to the Sunday Chicago Tribute.) They've had golden age characters like the Spirit and others cross over. Cool stuff!

  6. On the splash page for "Menace of the Mechanical Master," that's not a Staton bust of Superboy in the upper left corner, right? Is that from a Grell image? Looks familiar.

  7. That is a Grell image from his LSH days. It was part of the top banner that DC used atound the mid 70's. I never knew Staton drew Superboy. I loved his stint on Green Lantern, especially when he inked his own pencils.



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