Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Black and White Wednesday: Rudy Nebres' REH Portfolio

Check it out, Groove-ophiles! Rudy Nebres is another was another Filipino artist whose art made a huge impact on the American comicbook scene during the Groovy Age. He mostly worked as an inker, but he also did full art on many U.S. features (Ol' Groove's fave example being his work with Chris Claremont on Iron Fist in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu issues 19-24--you can read 'em starting right here, btw). He inked several Conan and Kull stories, which was cool, too--but t'was a rare treat to get to see Mr. Nebres penciling and inking till his talented heart's content as he did on the following portfolio featuring some of Robert E. Howard's greatest creations (and Red Sonja, too). Feast your eyes on these mini-masterpieces from Savage Sword of Conan #39 (January 1979), baby!


  1. I always found Mr. Nebres to be a little too over-rendered for my taste.

  2. Rudy Nebres is one of those guys who excels at B/W. His lines are so slick, yet so organic, that your eyes are sucked into a world that must certainly be real, no?! Seeing his inks over Gil Kane's pencils was an interesting combo that worked for me. It's oft-quoted, but Rudy's art really looks like no other artist's! Really nice guy, too. Got him to sign his SQP art book in San Diego. Great entry, Groove!

    1. I also found his inks over Dave Cockrum in John Carter # 11 to be interesting.



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