Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: "Bookworm" by Gerry Conway and Richard Corben

Here's a macabre masterpiece to which Ol' Groove can surely relate. Been called a "bookworm" more than once (a week) in my lifetime, but man! At least I never have to worry about winding up like the poor schlub in this creepy Gerry Conway/Rich Corben classic from Eerie #32 (cover date March 1971).

...I hope...


  1. I was watching an episode of Law & Order;Criminal Intent on TV the other night,and noticed that in the credits was none other than Gerry Conway.It was a fine story and I noticed that Conway has written for other television programs.It's nice to see that comic book writers get recognised for other great work too.Of course with art by Corben pretty well sets up a great scary comic classic.Liam

  2. This issue of Eerie was my first exposure to Corben's art. Thanks for rekindling the memories.

    Is there any chance you can post Tom Sutton's "Superhero" story from the same issue? Cousin Eerie's intro is pretty ironic in light of his magazine's eventually becoming the home to several superhero types!

  3. Conway had not yet turned 19 when the story was published. He was one of my favorite Marvel writers of the Groovy era.

  4. I wish I'd thought to mention Conway's age in my post! Good catch, Tom!

    And I have "Superhero" cued up for a future post. I struggled with which one to post first, 'cause they're both really cool!



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