Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mining for Gold(en): "The Eternity Book"

When DC decided to bring Jack Kirby's Demon back in the pages of Detective Comics #482 (November 1979) the duties were handed over to writer Len Wein and artist Michael Golden. T'was a thing of beauty, Groove-ophiles. A true thing of beauty...

But alas, t'was Golden's only Demon story. Steve Ditko would complete the storyline...but that is a tale for another day.


  1. Hey Groovy One!
    WOW! Thanks for posting this forgotten gem. I barely remember it, but I loved it in 79 & love it now. I never thought I'd like the Demon the way I did when Kirby drew him.

    Beside's the Jim Aparo version in the Brave & the Bold. Michael Golden's version was excellent. Loved Mike's Man-Bat, the Nam & Micronauts. Man can he draw huh?

  2. Steve Ditko's takeover of the strip was pretty darned cool as well.

  3. Golden never finished the story, though, Groove. I remember having reading the last chapter of the Eternity Book arc, and it was drawn by Steve Ditko, who IMPO was not a perfect match for Etrigan, unlike Golden or Kirby.

  4. You're right, hobbyfan. I'm glad you posted, because it made me re-read the post (I post a month ahead), and I see that somehow my mention of that being Golden's only issue was dropped from the post somehow. I've updated it, so thank you!

    And I'll definitely be getting to those Ditko stories, Mr. DeStefano. That was some pretty 'mazing stuff!



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