Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shock Theater: A Bill Everett Double Feature

Here are two (count 'em) TWO Bill Everett-illustrated shockers from the Groovy Age for ya, Groove-ophiles! First up, dig on "The Man Who Stole Eternity" written by fellow Golden Age great Gardner Fox. This titanic tale was originally presented in Skywald's Psycho #3 (cover dated May 1971); this scan is from the reprint in the 1974 Psycho Annual.

Our second feature in this devilish double-bill is "The Greatest Magician of All!" Written by Mimi Gold, this spooky saga is from Marvel's Fear #9 (May 1972).

Take it from the Groovester, Groove-ophiles: for lush, detailed art--not to mention murky and macabre mood, Wild Bill was hard to beat! Pleasant nightmares!


  1. These are really fantastic -- thanks so much for getting them online. I found your Blog via the Grantbridge site, and I am a major fan of the 70's horror titles, especially the Filipino artists who worked for the DC horror titles, like Yandoc, Alcala, Nino etc.

    Thanks again.I really enjoyed these tales.

    Is there any chance of featuring the Phillipino greats on your Blog some day?

    I will certainly be visiting your good pages again.


  2. Crikey, I just keep returning to your pages. I was fully aware of the 'DC Cosmos' but had little knowledge of the Marvel mystery/short story format of the same time, and blimey, they are good.


    Oh, do you have any Ruben Yandoc ( AKA Rubeny ) in your vaults good sir ?

    Thanks mate, and top of the morning to ya in the USA.

    Gnostic the Englishman.

  3. These are so cool...Bill Everett is probably my favorite all-time artist...




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