Friday, April 30, 2010

(P)Raising Kane: "...And Who Will Call Him Savage?"

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Here's some savage Gil Kane with a twist: Marvel's jungle lord Ka-Zar transplanted into the concrete jungle of NYC! The title is certainly appropriated for a tale by Groovy Gil: "...And Who Will Call Him Savage?" Written by Mike Friedrich and inked by Tom Sutton, I think you'll dig this little-seen gem from Astonishing Tales #15 (September 1971).


  1. Hey Groovy one!
    Thanks for making my friday! Gotta love Gil Kane's beautiful pencils! Ironic I loved Ka-Zar & especially Zabu as a boy. Now I own a huge Mainecoon cat named Zeus. Who I walk, like a dog! He's become the city's mascot & I'm known as Catman through town!

    He just had quite a adventure himself, he made the great escape to the big city & ended up trapped in a vacant house for 19 days! With no food! He survived by turning the water on & off with his huge hand like paws! He's doing much better now. I'd say 85% of this town & the police were looking for him.

    I guess the next time I get a new Mainecoon, I'll have to remember to call it Zabu! I always loved Zabu! Hey! Why didn't Marvel do a issue of Marvel Team-Up with Lockjaw & Zabu! Keep up the awesome work! This is my & Zeus's all time favorite website!

  2. Great comic! This is one of the best jobs Kane ever did for Marvel, and Tom Sutton is in the elite of inkers over Kane. He brought out an energy that smoother inkers, as nice as it could be, often didn't find.

    Rip Off

  3. I really liked this story and I remember buying some Gil Kane Ka-Zar, but if I saw this early Bobbi Morse I never made the connection when she became Mockingbird. It's nice to see a little of her history.

  4. wonderful. no one else like him. when he's on form, there is no one else who can better him. cheers for that, Groove - an absolute joy.



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