Thursday, April 29, 2010

So Long, Dube...

Man, do I hate writing these. Seems like only days ago we were bidding farewell to Dick Giordano, and now... Bill DuBay, most famous for his writing and editing at Warren during the Groovy Age, passed away at age 62 on April 15. Bill was an editor, writer, artist, and colorist. He is best remembered for his on-and-off editorial stays at Warren from 1972-1983. He helped give the Warren line of mags a slicker, more classy look (especially the striking contents pages), gave early breaks to Groovy Age greats like Don McGregor, Doug Moench, Billy Graham, and others, and wrote some of the most memorable tales to ever fill the pages of Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella, 1984/1994, The Rook, and others, either under his own name, his nickname "Dube", or his favorite pseudonym, Will Richardson. The Dube also pulled stints writing and/or editing at Marvel (both in comics and Marvel's animation studio), DC, Heavy Metal, Archie (Adventure Series), Western, Pacific, and Fox Kids. The Dube's work was always dependable fun, and he was a true talent and visionary. In tribute, here's an early Bill DuBay tale from Eerie #31 (cover-dated January 1970). Written, drawn, and inked by the Dube, it's "The Devil's Hand!"


  1. Just a great reminder of how great a writer Bill DuBay was.And that his work has influenced others to create stories that not only entertained,but made readers ponder about the situations,issues,and characteristics of the story.Liam

  2. R.I.P. Dub
    Man, me too Groovy One, I found out about Dick's death like two hours after he passed away by Joe Sinott while chatting on the phone. The same thing happened when I called "Joltin Joe" Sinnott last year on his birthday to wish him a happy 83rd birthday.

    He had just found out George Tuska had passed away on his birthday. SShheesshh! It's sad we lose talented writers,artists,actors & just nice people like this.

  3. Crikey Groovy agent, these stories are really so good,narrative, prose and art wise -- Joe over at Grantbridge tipped me off about your great site.

    Thanks for getting these online.




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