Thursday, July 7, 2011

Admiring Adams/Grooviest Covers of All Time: The MARVEL-ous Neal Adams

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! We all know what a hit Neal Adams was when he did X-Men and the Avengers for Marvel, but during his early-70s stint at the House of Ideas he did a nice li'l batch comicbook covers for Amazing Adventures (where he drew the Inhumans, don'tcha know) as well as a few random goodies here and there. Check 'em out, baby!

Yep, Neal also painted some outstanding covers for Marvel's B&W line, but those are planned for a future post. Can't fire all of our guns at once, now, can we?


  1. Very cool, I forget he did Tomb of Dracula #1's cover, Fear #11 & Marvel Spotlight #2's covers. A amazing artist.

  2. What a trainwreck his BATMAN: ODYSSEY mini-series was. Even the drawing was wonky. At least no one really reads today's comics (issue #6 barely sold 29,000 copies whereas DC would cancel any title that sold under 200,000 copies back in the early '70s). Neal was a great artist in the '60s and '70s, but he got lazy with the advertising gig (and lots of assistants ghosting). I wish it weren't so. Many claim he can't write, but his "A View From Without" from PHASE ONE in 1970 shows that he can be an absolutely riveting writer. Even in the Continuity Comics days it was evident that he had contempt for his readership's intelligence. A far cry from the relevance of GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW (scripted by Denny O'Neil).

  3. I would guess marie Severing did some work over Neal's breakdowns on some of these, like Werewolf.

    It was Neal who finally drew ,me away from Marvel-only when he started doing Batman.

  4. Nice to see some of these Adams covers again 9and for me for the first time) - I don't think Adams covers at Marvel, with a few notable exceptions were his best work, his DC work especially the mystery titles were amazing and his interior art is of course the work of legend. I agree Continuity work was patchy but I think he tried his best there - I wasn't keen on Odyssey but thought the art in places was stunning but for me he's not the greatest writer, he is however for me the greatest comic book artist ever. McScotty

  5. I used to own many of these books. Sigh. Even a bad Neil Adams cover was great and above average. The Conan issue hew drew was one of my favorite non-Barry Smith issues. great artist and always know I will see him honored here.



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