Monday, October 15, 2012

Groove's Faves: "Hot Time in Gotham Town Tonight!" by Friedrich, Novick, and Giordano

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove recently received a friendly reminder from Mr. Anonymous about my promising to run the following Bat-classic, so here 'tis! Notice the incredible art of Irv Novick and (for sure this time!) Dick Giordano! While the Adams/Giordano team seems to get all the love from the early Groovy Age era, Novick/Giordano looks mighty fine to moi (dig that full page masterpiece that is page three!)! Mike Friedrich's tale has been a fave since I first read it in the back of Batman #221 (cover-dated May 1970), thanks to its mix of "relevant" and supernatural themes. Are you ready to join the real Batman for a "Hot Town in Gotham Town Tonight!", Groove-ophiles?

Oh, by the way, this particular scan came from the mucho magnificent Limited Collectors' Edition #C-25 (Winter 1974), hence the fun Bob Rozakis Bat-Puzzle!


  1. Nice choice, Groovester! Irv Novick was always among my fave Bat-artists along with Adams and Aparo. I also liked the Apollo 11 reference in panel 1, page 2 (Aldrin, Collins, Armstrong and the name of the command module--Columbia).


  2. I was just talking about Irv Novick the other day. His pencils have a real power and maturity that was lacking in many of his peers. I always thought of him in many ways as DC's John Buscema, able to produce highly readable but potent pages.

    And you're right, Giordano brought out the best in him, but then Dick did that to many a pencil artist.

    Rip Off

  3. Wow!Thank you,Mr Groove! How do you do it?
    And thank you,Attendant of the Awesome,for sharing all these Great Groovy Goodies over the years.
    You're the man!
    /Mr Anonymous

  4. Always thought page#3 would have made a cool poster, when I was a kid !



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