Monday, October 8, 2012

Groove's Faves: "Child" by Potter and Corben

It's October! Didja think Ol' Groove was gonna forget about...

No way!

Though it only lasted for three installments (Eerie #'s 57, 58, and 60), Richard Corben's Child (written by Greg Potter and Budd Lewis), is a short series that is still fondly remembered by Warren buffs. This touching and twisted take on the Monster of Frankenstein still grabs Ol' Groove. I mean, how can you not feel for a monster with a child's head/face? Child's innocence reminds me of the Wein/Gerber era Hulk, but set in a darker, more Swamp Thing-like "reality". So poplar was the debut of this feature that it was reprinted in both issues 1 and 4 of Comix International (1975-1976). This set of scans comes from CI #4. Dig it!


  1. I liked "Child" and its sequel when it first came out, but the third installment, written by Budd Lewis, was the best of all. Wow! Greg Potter's scripts had pathos in the first two, but Budd took it to another level with some very beautiful, eternal truths. Lovely.

    Chris A.

  2. Corben's inking in this story reminds me a little bit of Will Eisner. It's the only piece I've seen where he appears to be using a dip pen, creating thick-to-thin variation in his linework, instead of a technical pen. It's a nice look.



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