Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sci-Fi Week! Groove's Faves: "If the World Had to End Twice..." by O'Neil, Buckler, and Smith

Here's a fave sci-fi shocker by the truly bodacious team of Denny O'Neil, Rich Buckler, and Bob Smith (mis-credited to Giordano), Groove-ophiles! This story is so far-out and fab that DC used it to kick off the inaugural ish of Time Warp (July 1979). Just what would happen..."If the World Had to End Twice..."?


  1. I remember when Time Warp came out. I was buying it because they had some bigger name talent working on the book, and the stories were pretty good.

    I wonder who Dick Giordano was using as an assitant when this was published, because it looks like someone inked a lot of this other than Dick. I would almost beleive Steve Mitchell inked parts of this, as some of the faces have his more angular inking style.

    The faces, especially on page 3, just don't look like Giordano.

    Still fun to see and brings back memories. Would have been nice to see the Kaluta cover with this as well.

    1. I agree with you about the inks not looking like Giordano all the way through. Maybe Rich will fill us in one of these days. As for the Kaluta cover, I posted it already. Here's the link!


      Ask and ye shall receive! ;D

  2. I remembered this from way back and got it for cheap recently (sorta) in the bargain bin. What I came away with, on the revisit, was that this is perhaps the most extreme version of "Throwing The Baby Out With The Bath Water" EVER.

  3. I read in an interview with Dick Giordano that the ink-credit on that story is wrong - Bob Smith did the inks. It might've been Comics Journal #62.

    1. Now that sounds more like it. Thanks, Jeff!

  4. I'd almost forgotten about this one. Thanks for posting it.

  5. Amazing that we can all be looking at a 30+ year old story and thinking 'That doesn't look like Dick Giordano...' and then when when we read that it was actually Bob Smith go, 'Yeah, that's it.'
    Bob, sorry to say I'd almost forgotten you.
    Glad to know you're still around.

  6. I think Bob Smith was the best inker on Buckler's art.

    Look also at JLA 190 and 191 (from 1981).



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