Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Boys from Derby: "The Bride Who Wants Everything" by Elier

Just a reminder, Groove-ophiles: you've only a week to get that box of Valentine's candy bought for your sweetheart! To help you remember, here's a very 1970s short-shocker sure to make your heart pitter-pat--and your nerves to jangle! From Ghostly Haunts #20 (July 1971), here's "The Bride Who Wants Everything" with art by Jean Elier...


  1. Amazing art, reminds me of Gray Morrow or Al Williamson. Who is this Jean Elier, anyway? I can't find any information on him. Was it a pen name for another artist?

  2. Love the art, seems hard to find much other work by Jean Elier, like Ian I'm wondering if it is a pen name. The lingo on the groovy witch is great, like her look too, not a character was familiar with, but then I never read Ghostly Haunts.

  3. Very photo-referenced, and a lot like Williamson. Perhaps he was ghosting, eh?

    Chris A.

  4. Interesting that Elier, whoever he or she is, signed his/her name not once, not twice, but three times in this 9-page story, perhaps sensing that it might be the last time he/she would get the chance.

  5. Shazam! Who is this Jean Elier? He's one groovy cat!



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