Friday, March 29, 2013

Making a Splash: Our Avenging Pal Sal, Phase Two

What it is, Groove-ophile! Last Friday we checked out the sensational splash pages from Sal Buscema's first Avengers era and you guys really, really dug 'em! So Ol' Groove, people-pleaser that he is, thought you might get a kick out of seeing the splashes from Our Pal's second Avengers run. When Sal returned to the Avengers in 1974/75 (Avengers #'s 127-134), he was doing layouts while Charlton's Joe (E-Man) Staton finished and inked our favorite Assemblers. The combo was far-freakin'-out, baby! Dig it!

Sal and Joe to re-teamed on the Incredible Hulk beginning with ish #194 (September 1975). Sal would stay on the Hulk into the 1980s, pretty much making that mag his own. And yep, we'll look at those splashes in the future. Ya go gotta have sumpin' to look forward to, right?


  1. Thanks for both of these Sal posts, Groove! Wasn't Joe Staton just a great fit over Sal's pencils? Today's run was especially nostalgic for me, as these were the first issues of the Avengers that I bought with my own quarters.


  2. As one of my all-time fav artists on an all-time fav title, this was 'creme ala creme' of my collecting years..

    HATED the awful distro back then, missing 2-3 issues at a crack, but it was still savored when I finally did track down the issues. Certainly beat Tuska and Heck's work a few issues down the line (and that terrible wedding annual..).

  3. Sal Buscema with Joe Staton, Sal NEVER looked better. Staton really made it POP!

    Just Great !


  4. I preferred our pal Sal inking himself, though Staton does a nice job. My favorite over Sal, though, came later when Akin & Garvey inked him on Rom.

    Love these splash page collections, Groove. Keep 'em coming!

    Comics Bronze Age editor

  5. Once again, just viewing these splash pages by Sal Buscema & Joe Staton brings a flood of great memories, from an enjoyable run of the Avengers. I believe this art duo also worked together on the Incredible Hulk. Good stuff !

  6. Hey Groovy One!
    I somehow missed this post last friday. Sure happy I spotted it today! Sal with Joe Staton's inks were great. Both on the Avengers & the Incredable Hulk! sal has some great inkers like himself,Sam Granger on the Sub-Mariner. Klaus Janson on the defenders & Tom Palmer on Nova! I loved this whole arc. Leading up to the Legion of the Dead! With the return of the original Human Torch, Wonderman, Frankenstein's monster, Midnight, the flying Dutchman,etc. Sal Buscema is truly a forgotten talent at Marvel in the Marvel Age!



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