Friday, June 7, 2013

Making a Splash: Marvel Comics 40 Years Ago, June 1973

Summertime! Swimming pools, kool-aid, and comicbooks, baby! The Summer of '73 was a biggie for Young Groove with stuff like Englehart's Avengers/Defenders Clash, Thomas/Smith's Red Nails, McGregor and Buckler's Panther's Rage, Starlin's Captain Marvel, Thing team-ups  (that led to Marvel Two-In-One) in Marvel Feature, Marvel's just-a-bornin' b&w Monster Mags, and the debuts of Man-Wolf and Brother Voodoo! These far-out and fab features were just the tip of the snow cone for this card-carrying member of FOOM. Just take a gander at the wonderment that filled the spinner-racks in June of 1973...


  1. Just seeing some of these great splash pages instantly takes a reader/collector back 40 years and relive wonderful memories !

  2. That black and white splash of a naked Dracula by Buscema is awesome!

    - Mike from Trinidad & Tobago.

  3. THIS.. WAS.. MY.. FIRST.. MONTH.. of collecting.. FF 138 was my entry point into the MU on a long, hot and dusty roadtrip 'cross country. After that, I collected nearly every other hero mag shown here.

    That Spidey 124 and MTU 13 were the best comics ever.., and lest I fail to mention MarVell 28 and the Avengers-Defenders Clash. Whaaaat an awesome month to start collecting comics.

  4. Ay Caramba - that's maybe the best lineup Marvel ever had- Kane, Buscema, Colan, Heck, Andru, Starlin, Smith, Ploog, Russell, Brunner, et al... How did that happen? it's all downhill from there..;-)

    1. TOTALLY AGREED. THIS was the true BRONZE AGE of Marvel Comics.

      This month is 'so-frozen' in time for me.

      Marvel was never as good as this ever again.

  5. And check out the credits, John Buscema did three comics per month. That's massive.



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