Monday, August 25, 2014

Setting the Pace: "Otherwar" by Kraft, Perez, and Giacoia

Can you dig it, Groove-ophiles? From the files of the far-out, we proudly present "Otherwar" from Marvel Premiere #45 (September 1978)! Continuing their Man-Wolf saga from Creatures On the Loose, Dave Kraft, George Perez, and Frank Giacoia absolutely blew Teen Groove away with this sci-fi/fantasy/superhero mash-up! Pace Setter Perez went wild with one of his best art jobs of the Groovy Age! Wanna see...?

Ol' Groove knew you would!

1 comment:

  1. I still remember snatching this one off of the spinner rack and being almost immediately blown away by this. The only other Man Wolf story I had read up to that point was the Power Records version of his first appearance in Amazing Spider-man, in which he was just a standard, mindless and savage werewolf. So I loved that he was an intelligent, tough-talking adventurer here, and I thought the sci-fi meets sword & sorcery story was simply awesome.
    And final, my now traditional concluding message to the powers-that-be at Marvel: c'mon, man, what are you waiting for? Reprint this, already!



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