Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ol' Groove's Request Line: "The Invaders!" by Lieber and Wood

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Because you demanded it, we're back with more of the awesome artistry of Wally Wood from his Dr. Doom series in Astonishing Tales! Today's chapter, written by Larry Lieber, features a re-vamp of sorts, since Captain America villains the Red Skull and his sometimes-allies, the Exiles, regroup under a cool new name: the Invaders! (Man, Marvel never wastes a good name or two, does it?) Sadly (for Woody fans), this cliff-hanger from Astonishing Tales #4 (December 1970) is the last of Wally Wood's run; next ish, George Tuska takes his place!


  1. I can understand why Marvel put the policy in effect, but I do miss the the skull smoking cigarettes on those long holders, I don't know why, but I always liked the image of a mass murdering sociopath smoking like a 40s movie starlet!

    So, the Red Skull is putting a wrestler, a guy with an iron hand, a guy with laser in a wheelchair, and a guy with a scarf, against Dr. Doom. Did he think this through?

    Lot of dynamic art in this one from Wood (and or possibly Wood and a bunch of friends.)

  2. Problem is Groove,I now want the next issue!!!! Perhaps a later post?
    Groove on!



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