Friday, August 15, 2014

Making a Splash: Happy Herb's Hulk, Part Three

We're back with more of Happy Herb Trimpe's Incredible Hulk run, Groove-ophiles! Herb's run on the Incredible Hulk was nothing short of phenomenal, especially when you consider how musical the artists chairs were for a ton of other Marvel mags of the Groovy Age! Today we're planting our peepers on splashes from Incredible Hulk issues 146-151 (Herb just had to take time off to get married? Sheesh, wotta slacker! Er--I mean, September 1971-February 1972) and 154-166 (May 1972-May 1973)! During this time, as you'll note, Herb's pencils were ably inked by John Severin and Sal Trapani; very different inking styles, but both as Hulk-ish as can be! Dig 'em, baby!


  1. I always loved the corner illo by favorite era of Hulk

  2. Great post! My parents gave me Hulk #155 (splash page: "Destination Nightmare") when I was little-it was maybe the first comic I ever had! Thanks!!!

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