Thursday, May 11, 2017

Funny Stuff: "Dr. Spook"

Time to giggle a little, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove always enjoys a good Spooky tale, and "Dr. Spook" (love that title--my mom had the actual Dr. Spock Baby and Childcare book on her nightstand at all times--and it scared me waaaay more than Spooky ever did!) from TV Casper & Company #42 (May 1973) is, indeed, a good one. I always dug stories where Spooky got one up on his goil--er--girl Poil--er Pearl. It also tickled Young Groove that Spooky got away with truly being rotten by accidentally doing good...


  1. Did Harvey Comics release digests? I remember them putting out paperback books (like joke books, etc.) but I'm drawing a complete blank on digests. I hate getting old...

  2. Hi Groove, sorry I haven't posted more frequently! Hey - I dig the Thursday "humor" theme! (Sad Sack, Sad Sack...!)

    Do I recall that Spooky used to have a cigar? For some reason I recall, from my youth, one of Casper's gang having a cigar and "bowler" type of hat? I imagine the cigar had to go...




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