Friday, May 12, 2017

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Groove's Faves from May 1977

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Let's truck on back to May 1977! Seattle Slew! Space Mountain! Sir Duke! Hotel California! Dreams! Lucille! Smokey and the Bandit! Annie Hall! And some little film called Star Wars! My sis, Electro-Woman was still getting some Archies and Harveys, but it was all about Marvel and DC for Young Groove! Here are some of my favorite covers from 40 years ago this month! (You can see all the rest on the most aptly named Mike's Amazing World of Comics, right'chere). Did you have any or all of these?


  1. Great selection. What was even better were all the great stories and art behind these covers. My favorites of this bunch are the Rampaging Hulk, Star Wars, Batman Limited Collection, Detective and Challengers of the Unknown.

  2. I had most of these but the one that really stands out in my memory is the Justice Society, would love to read that one again (hint hint)

  3. Great cover illustrations ! Thanks for sharing. : )

  4. I *still* have that Batman treasury edition. Also had a few others--particularly the JSA title--but the World's Finest issue has a particular history.

    I bought it with my grandfather at a U-Totem. But the lead story ends on a cliffhanger, IIRC. It took years--and the discovery of an actual comic book store--to track down that next issue to discover what happens! Great memory.

    Oh, and thanks for the link to Mike's site.

    1. We used to go to the U-Totem when we lived in Houston in the 60s. In fact one day I bought five comics there and decided to start collecting them. The 2 I remember were a Metamorpho where he is coming out of a volcano and a Batman where he is staying home to watch his TV show inside of fighting crime.

  5. Had the Spidey and the Warlord. Don't know how I missed the Batman with the Mike Grell cover.

  6. I always contend that I was both a Marvel and DC fan growing up in the Groovy Age. But today's post has given me pause. I have just about all of the DC releases, but only a third of the Marvel ones. I guess I was just too seduced by the Neal Adams' Batman and bought more into that company's world. But Spidey was always there, and the Claremont/Byrne X-Men and Miller Daredevil remain huge in my mind, so I still consider myself an equal opportunity comics reader!

  7. I bought at least 12 of those when they came out, and, er, "browsed" through most of the others at the stores where I hunted. The JSA was a particular favorite.

    James Chatterton



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