Friday, May 26, 2017

Marvel-ous Mondays: "Confrontation!" by Wolfman, Kane, and the Tribe

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Due to Monday's post on the passing of Rich Buckler, Ol' Groove's moved our regular Monday post to Friday just this once. Thanks for your kind indulgence.

Here's the finale to Marv Wolfman and Gil Kane's "Air Pirates of Mars" saga from Marvel's John Carter Warlord of Mars #10 (December 1977). This one's inked by The Tribe, btw, but Kane's pencils shine and the inks are pretty consistent throughout. And dig Kane's inks on the cover!


  1. Thanks lloyd, I always was a huge John Carter of Mars fan. I loved this series! Thanks for keeping all of us still grooving all these years still. Hey chance we can see some more What Ifs soon? Love to see #19,#22 and any with Nova here.

  2. Gil Kane was awesome and a major influence on my own artwork.

  3. Boy, Gil Kane was sure the right artist for this title! Nobody else could draw a fight with a four-armed dude better than that.
    Cool stuff.


  4. The coloring in these books was dreadful. Perhaps because the setting is Mars, they used a preponderance of reds and pinks. Seen all at once, it's really off-putting.I seem to recall all the Marvel books from that time have terrible coloring.Murky and flat. But Kane, as always, is magnificent.

  5. The Tribe was the Tony DeZuniga headed version of the Crusty Bunkers. They turned out beautiful inking, finishing many artists just doing rough layouts as the rapidly expanding Marvel Universe needed as many hands on deck as possible.



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