Monday, May 8, 2017

Marvel-ous Monday: "One Upon a Time...In My Heart!" by Jackson, Mooney, and Chan

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! As Ol' Groove dashes this post off on the old laptop, love is in the air all aound--it's Prom Season! My FaceBook page is filled with former students in suits, tuxes, and gowns of all shades and styles, so I guess that's what brought romance comics to my pea-brain! "Once Upon a Time...In My Heart" comes to us from Our Love Story #21 (November 1972) and was written by Joy Jackson (who wrote one other story for Marvel that appeared in OLS #18--maybe we'll dig it later) and was illustrated by the most unusual (but kinda cool) artistic team of Jim Mooney and Ernie Chan (then "Chua"). This one features a girl falling for a rock star whose middle name is bound to be Eddy or Eddie! Grab the Kleenex, baby!
Cover art by Win Mortimer


  1. "That was great... really great... but it's not for me." I wonder what just happened between those two panels, and what's Duane trying to tell us about his sexuality? His real genius seems to be in giving girls the gentle brush off and still having them pine over him ten years later. Still, having had a teenage daughter go through what Carrie's going through (but with more sympathetic parents I hope), I know this strip would have connected with a lot of its female audience at the time (some of whom could be grandmothers now). It's almost as if Joy Jackson is acting as their big sisters.

  2. You are so right about the art team. Is there any way you can pull the sole Tarpe Mills romance groovy age story from your Marvel archives? Very curious about that one.

  3. Seconded on the art. I'd have never guessed those were Mooney pencils.

    And how about that Duane Cochrane? He comes from that line of only-in-comics musicians who seem to perform solo with just a guitar, can turn up to play just about anywhere without a soundcheck or anything...I wonder if Rick Jones caught his act one time and thought "That's the life for me!"...?

  4. Loved the Mooney/Chan artwork. Too bad they didn't work together more often.



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