Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Black and White Wednesday: A Sampling of Eerie Fanfare

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! From 1968-1973, Warren's Eerie magazine ran a cool feature called Eerie Fanfare. In it, as you might guess, the mags fans could get stories and art published (and Warren could hype a few things a la Marvel's Bullpen Bulletins, as well). Just a random run from Eerie issues 31-34 gives us fan work by future professional-folks like Pat Broderick, Steve Leialoha, Rick Bryant, and the team of Greg Theakston and Arvell Jones. We also get a bio of then-newcomer Dave Cockrum and a rare art sample from Jeff Jones. Plus some cool stories by fans who don't ring a bell to Ol' Groove but might to some of you out there? Check 'em out!


  1. I miss the Warren mags so much, Eerie, Creepy, Vampirella, The Rook, the Goblin, etc. Great memories.

  2. The Leialoha art was a surprise. I was an avid collector of Creepy and Eerie and don't recall seeing those samples after he became pro (gorgeous art as usual by him). I do remember in Creepy seeing Wrightson and Brunner's contributions after they were established names in the industry and marveling how far they had come in ability. The Cockrum bio reminds me again just what a hole has been left in comicdom by the untimely passing of this titanically talented and very sweet man in 2006.



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