Thursday, October 12, 2017

Decent Comics: "A Second Time to Die" by Conway and Redondo

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Swamp Thing #19 (July 1975) is the first chapter in a two-part fill-in by writer Gerry Conway and regular ST artist Nestor Redondo. Conway would have more Swampy stories to come (and Ol' Groove ain't just rappin' about the Challengers of the Unknown appearances we're already running here on the Diversions...). Are you prepared for..."A Second Time to Die"?


  1. I remember buying this at age ten, and owning Wrightson's prior issues (1 - 10), and wishing he (and Len Wein) were still on the book. What a surprise when a slightly older friend showed me his Warren mags with Berni's work in them...then I found out where he had gone: doing short stories and frontispieces in Creepy and Eerie! Needless to say, I backtracked what I had missed, but also hung in there until the bitter end of Swamp Thing (and it sure was).

    Best regards,

    Chris A.

    1. By the time issue # 24 came around Swamp Thing had pretty much derailed, quality wise. I felt a sense of relief when I heard the title was being cancelled.

  2. Swampy also showed up in a couple of BRAVE & THE BOLD issues after the CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN issues, but no one seemed to have a handle on drawing him properly. Kaluta came close on a B&B cover in 1980, though.


    Chris A.



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