Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017!

Trick or treat, Groove-ophiles! Well, actually, you don't have to go door to door--Ol' Groove's got your Halloween goodies right here! All you have to do is keep on scrollin', baby!

Let's kick things off with a short shocker from Atlas/Seaboard's Tales of Evil #2 (December 1974)! Let's tiptoe through the graveyard with Russ Jones (as Jack Younger) and Jerry Grandenetti as we go on a "Stake Out!"

Now let's lighten the mood with a sweet little tale featuring Wendy the Good Little Witch in "The Awful Ingredient" from Spooky Haunted House #2 (September 1972)...

Halloween is all about creepy things--so here's a treat from Charlton's Creepy Things #1 (April 1975)! Let's follow Tom Sutton down "The Well!"

And for our big treat of the day, how 'bout we go on an Adventure (Comics #438, December 1974) with Michael Fleischer, Ernie Chua (Chan), and Jim Aparo as..."The Spectre Haunts the Museum of Fear!"

Whew! Hope you're not too stuffed and your teeth aren't rotted from all these groovy goodies, Groove-ophiles! Happy Halloween!


  1. You are to good to us Groove, Happy Halloween

  2. Thank you Groove ! Happy Halloween to you and yours.

  3. A nice collection of stories. Jerry Grandenetti always had the oddest style, all fluid and odd angled. The Harvey entry was their usual infusion of the occult with wholesomeness. And the Sutton entry was full of all his Lovecraftian touches, sense of the macabre and beautiful linework. But I never liked the Fleischer/Aparo incarnation of the Spectre. Each issue only seemed a descent into sadism where overmatched criminals met a new garish punishment at the hands of the Ghostly Guardian. Otherwise it was pointless. I was glad when the series ended (replaced by the much better Black Orchid, if I remember correctly).



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