Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Black and White Wednesday: "The Inrorrigible Teen Hulk the Origin!" by Hama, M. Severin, Pellowski, and Targatlione

Dig it, Groove-ophiles: do any of ya remember the Teen Hulk feature that ran in Crazy Magazine from issues 60-94 (well, most of 'em)? Chester Weems and his big green alter ego actually debuted on the inside back cover of Crazy #59 (December 1979) as an ad (warning?). Check it out:

What made Larry Hama and Marie Severin create such a kooky character? Just, urm, crazy, one might guess. Remember this was during the time when the Incredible Hulk was doing well on the boob tube, so that could'a had something to do with it, too. Was Teen Hulk to have been part of a Hulk Family (She-Hulk made her debut a month earlier than TH, don'tcha know)? Probably not, but whatever the reason, some of us can't get enough Hulk! Or can we? Read the debut tale written by Mike Pellowski with art by Marie Severin and John Tartaglione, then let Ol' Groove know whether or not you're ready so say "uncle"!


  1. I was not a devotee of CRAZY magazine so I missed most of the Teen Hulk saga. I've only got a few issues and most are early. I do remember Teen Hulk, but wouldn't have until you mentioned him. Great catch! Marie's work looks downright awesome as always.

    Rip Off

  2. If it's drawn by Marie Severin, I love it. I got Crazy every month. As crude as it is " Kaspar the dead baby " still cracks me up. Thanks for the post Groove and I say keep 'em coming.



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