Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Feast 2017! "Orvie's Rapid Rises" by Stanley and company

Welcome back, Groove-ophiles! Let's check out one of Young Groove's favorite non-super-hero heroes, O.G. Whiz! Created by the immortal John Stanley, O.G. seemed to some to be Gold Key's answer to Richie Rich, but to me (and no doubt many other kids), O.G. was way, way cooler. He ran a toy company for cryin' out loud! And he dressed a lot better than R.R., too. I suppose it was kind of a Superman/Batman thing for me. I always dug Batman more than Superman because (as many others have wisely said): you could become Batman but you had to be born Superman. Same with O.G. and Richie! You could become O.G., but you had to be born Rich! Here are quite possibly some of John Stanley's final comics--from O.G. Whiz #1 (November 1970), it's the origin of O.G. Whiz in "Orvie's Rapid Rises!"

See ya in 6 hours for the main course, Groove-ophiles!


  1. Never heard of this comic! Awesome! Now to go read it on a big screen!

  2. I missed a lot of good comics when I shunned Gold Keys on the stands during my first run at collecting comics. I'm glad to make their acquaintance here.



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