Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Feast 2017! "Why So Pale, Henry Lad?" by Celardo and "Burnt Offerings" by Barr and Delbo

To all our Groove-ophiles in the U.S.: Happy Thanksgiving! To the rest of ya: Happy Thursday! Today's the day we feast on fun comics that were released during November during the Groovy Age! Every 6 hours today, Ol' Groove is gonna unleash comicbook goodies upon yer waiting eyes and brain! Are you ready? Then here we go!

We're starting our 2017 feast with a double-shot of sci-fi fun! "Why So Pale, Henry Lad?" was written by an unidentified Gold Key author and gloriously illustrated by John Celardo (who drew many a cool Batman tale in the later 70s) for Twilight Zone #54 (November 1973)...

For Thanksgiving in 1980 DC's revived Mystery In Space #116 gave us an extremely cool cover by Jim Starlin with a cool Mike W. Barr story illustrated by Groovy Age DC mainstay Jose Delbo. Here's hoping your Thanksgiving meal doesn't include any..."Burnt Offerings!"

See ya again at 6:02 a.m. for a light breakfast, baby!


  1. Perfect way to start this year's festivities!

  2. The revived Mystery in Space and complementary title Time Warp offered some of the best sci-fi stories around. Unfortunately, they were out of sync with the market tastes of the time and vanished pretty quickly.



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