Monday, November 13, 2017

Marvel-ous Monday: "White Fire, Atomic Death!" by Claremont, Tuska, and Colletta

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! With Black Goliath #2 (January 1976), co-developer/writer Tony Isabella was gone and in his place was Chris Claremont (who'd been turning heads with X-Men and Iron Fist). Besides a liberal dose of action courtesy artists George Tuska and Vinnie Colletta, we also get more of BG's side-kicks, the Whiz Kids and some mysterious, behind-the-scenes baddies who seem to be manipulating this issues bad-guy, Atom Smasher. (Claremont loved those secret behind-the-scenes-villain type villains back then, didn't he?) Okay, baby! Are prepare for..."White Fire, Atomic Death!"
Cover art by Keith Pollard and Frank Giacoia

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  1. No comments for Black Goliath? Surely someone besides myself appreciates this briefly appearing title that had solid art by Tuska/Colletta, all the 70s Marvel strengths of characterization and relevancy and just plain fun back when picking up a comic was as easy as hopping over to the new-fangled comic shops that were popping up all over the landscape and going home to escape for 15 minutes or so into the four-color world that was the House of Ideas. Black Goliath got better with each issue (barring the fill-in, which was a plague of the 70s) until the ax unexpectedly fell with issue # 5. Unfortunately he was cursed with bad covers of which this issue is one.



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