Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Decent Comics: "The Trail of the Ring" by Skeates and Aparo

Dig it, Groove-ophiles! Here's the second classic SAG (Steve Skeates/Jim Aparo/Dick Giordano) Aquaman story--"The Trail of the Ring" from Aquaman #41 (July 1968). The memories of these Aquaman stories are special to Ol' Groove, as they were instrumental in helping me transition from cartoons to comicbooks. No, I couldn't read 'em yet (I was about a month shy of being five), but Mom or Dad would read them to me and I really, really dug Jim Aparo's art. (Still do!) Does this take you back...?

Oh, and don't ever think Sir Steve has lost his knack for writing underwater super-heroes! Keep your eyes peeled for this magnificent mag, headed your way in early 2018...


  1. My brother and I collected Aquaman for a short time,Guess we got tried of him.We were about 8 years old. Those were the first few issues of his own title, wish I had then today.

  2. If only someone had paired the Sea King with one of those Sea Monkeys! He could use a partner on this trip.(sorry, Aqualad!) Thanks Groove!



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