Thursday, November 30, 2017

Groove's Faves: "The Ghost Town Sheriff" by Newman and Gill

Dig it, Groove-ophiles: Ol' Groove totally digs the Lone Ranger. Always have, always will. Young Groove didn't buy a lot of Lone Ranger comics 'cause they were hard to find, but when I did find a stray Gold Key ish with those gorgeous painted covers, I'd snatch 'em up. I never new if an issue had new stories or reprints (until I started noticing those "Reprinted by Popular Demand" blurbs stamped on the first pages of the stories), but I didn't care. Take for instance "The Ghost Town Sheriff" from Lone Ranger #14 (February 1969). This gem by Paul S. Newman and Tom Gill could have come directly from the late 1800s for all I cared--I just knew a rousing fun story with terrific art when I saw one! Check it out for yourself...

Oh, and this one was, indeed, a reprint from Dell's Lone Ranger #100 (cover dated October 1956).


  1. Hi Groove, don't know if that's anything at all to do with you but the ad I see at the bottom of the post is from some outfit called Lezhin Comics and the pictures suggest a comic of a nature that I definitely would not share with my wife and daughters and son. Seems really out of place with your wonderful posts!

    1. Thanks for the head up, CH47! I'll check in on the ad situation. AdSense is a new animal to me. I don't pick what goes up--in fact, I see different ads for different things when I try different browsers. Not sure how that works, but I'll see if there's a way to block ads that are not in the spirit of Groove City. I don't wanna see ads like that, either!

  2. I remember those "reprinted by popular demand" blurbs on the splash pages of some Gold Key comics. I suspect the "demand" actually came from the editor or publisher, who needed to get the next issue printed on schedule and within budget.

    Like you, I didn't object. I hadn't read them before (most were originally published before I was born), so they were as good as new to me.

  3. I echo your sentiment on the painted covers Groove. They were truly amazing. Gill also pencilled all of the issues of Hi-Yo Silver and did some really beautiful work.



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