Monday, October 2, 2017

Marvel-ous Monday: "And Fear Shall Follow!" by Drake, Heck, and Colletta

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Okay, Ol' Groove has to admit it: "And Fear Shall Follow!" by Arnold Drake, Don Heck, and Vinnie Colletta is all over the place. It starts with a cool, all-out space-war between the Kree and the Aakon, veers off into some really weird goings on with the real (and deceased) Walter Lawson, and tosses in a generic villain (Number One--was he Mole Man's older brother?) with a generic evil organization behind him called (what else?) The Organization and their giant robot. The battle scenes are pretty high-powered (and hey, Vinnie went all out with the zip-a-tone!), but a lot of this ish is confusing. Here's Captain Marvel #8 (September 1968), anyway...
Cover art by Gene Colan and Vinnie Colletta


  1. Don Heck is to my comics collecting as kryptonite is to Superman. But I have to admit the art looked really good in this issue. And Vince Colletta using zip-a-tone is about as rare as spotting a loon in Minnesota (no more similes I promise) but it enhanced the pencils greatly. All in all a good Captain Marvel. I'm not the most observant person. Are we advancing issue by issue through CM until the Advent of the Starlin era?

    1. Up to the Thomas/Kane era as I have most of those issues (all of them maybe? I'll have to check) posted already.

  2. This was the first Mar-Vell story I ever read as a kid. The baffling story and the uniform put me off. I didn't come back until the fourth Kane issue.I liked the Sensational CM a bit more.

    1. The Kane issues were electrifying. Dan Adkins did the best inking of his career in them.

  3. Marvelous Silver Age bombast! (Or is this Bronze Age?)
    Either way, been enjoying these Captain Marvel posts! Thanks Groove!


  4. OK... despite the negatives, it's STILL the Green Captain and that's called "winning" in my book!

  5. Replies
    1. Come on Charlie - haven't you been read enough blog posts about the British Marvel reprints to know what zip-a-tone is yet? They used to cover the comics with it to make up for the absence colour. (No green Mar-Vell in the UK!)

      Anyway - its those grey dot patterns, like on that moon, planetoid or whatever it is in the b'gnd of the first panel on page two.
      Fun fact - over here it used to be called letratone.


    2. PS Oh, it is the moon. Duh...



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